Medical Abuse Mounts Despite the Settlement

Linda Field, CCWF
The newspapers are filled with articles on the settlement of our medical lawsuit. People seem to believe everything is fine now, but it isn’t.
Judge William Shubb had not even signed his name to the settlement when the name of another inmate in Central California Women’s Facility was placed on another death certificate. While trying to shift blame, the truth is they just don’t care.
Since mediator Michael Keating didn’t start to monitor until December, CCWF medical staff had more than three months to ignore, misdiagnose, mistreat and kill as many inmates as they want while the people of California believe we are receiving wonderful care.
The expensive equipment housed in the Paris-Lamb Health Center is used by untrained medical staff. They told at least one inmate she was having an asymptomatic heart attack as the EKG was being done. The inmate, who felt no pain, was sent to work and spent the rest of the day terrified. The truth was that the RN reversed the leads, creating a false image.
Women are not being sent out for life-saving treatment until it is almost too late. Medications are being withheld by medical staff even though doctors have written STAT on the prescription.
And all the while, this facility, the California Department of Corrections and the state officials claim we are receiving wonderful treatment.
We have lost too many. To be slowly, deliberately killed, one by one, extracting pain needlessly is what we are faced with. It would be more humane if we were simply lined up and shot cleanly.
We beg you…. please don’t condone this. Don’t turn your backs on us.