Medical Neglect Kills Minerva Gonzalez

by Linda Field, CCWF
We had a friend. She wanted to learn more about God so she moved into our room. We are Christians. We love. We welcomed her into our room, our lives, our hearts. She had a sweet, gentle soul. We all shared in learning.
She loved to draw. She would sit on her bed for hours, shading beautiful flowers.
She had three beautiful daughters, each with a glow in her eyes that spoke of love for her mother. Two daughters awaited the births of their own children.
I was in the room when she received word of the birth of her granddaughter. She cried with joy and with sorrow. Her first grandchild was healthy and beautiful, born while Grandma was in prison. She wasn’t there to comfort her daughter or wipe her brow, she wasn’t there to hold the baby. It hurt. I watched the tears well up and spill over her lashes. I cried with her. I cried for her. I cried for me. I knew her joy and pain for I shared it with her. My granddaughter was seven months old.
Mail came and she shared her photographs. She had such a beautiful family. She shined. The next grandchild would come soon, but not soon enough.
She grew weary and sick with flu-like symptoms. She tried to get help but was ignored. We tried to help, but no one would listen.
She faded away and nothing we did revitalized her. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t drink. We begged, dear God, how we begged, how we tried. They just didn’t care, couldn’t be bothered.
She just wanted to go home, to hold her precious little girl, to be a family.
When will they care? When will they love their neighbor? Not now. Not yet.
On Friday, she saw Dr. Do and RN Nichols. On Monday she saw MTA (Medical Technical Assistant) Funnye. On Tuesday she saw MTA Chance. On Wednesday … she saw God.
With love to Minerva Gonzalez, who saw God on September 3, 1997.