Memorial for Shirley Ward Written by her sister, Linda Ward-Harden

My sister, Shirley Ward, W-65118 an inmate at Chowchilla Prison (CCWF) allegedly died while in the custody of this institution. A Chief Deputy of Madera Sheriff?s Dept notified me the day after Christmas, December 26, 2008. His words were emotional less and right to the point, ?Your sister, Shirley died.? He went on to say that he was also the Coroner who had performed an autopsy on her and that she had passed away on the 16th of December of a ?seizure? and what he considered ?natural causes?. Why did he perform an autopsy before we were notified? Why the long time span? The Prison did not contact me at all. My family members and I were all given conflicting stories surrounding my sister?s alleged death. The people at the Neptune Society were putting a rush on us to have the body cremated.
Shirley you will always be in our hearts?
Shirley Ann Ward was born on November 16, 1957
In Bakersfield, California to her
Beloved Parents: William and Vera Ward
Shirley was the baby of six girls:
Wilma, Linda, Beverly, Sylvia and Judy Ward and three boys:
James, Leroy, and Tandy Madison Ward and Half sister and brother:
Rosemary Ward and Larry Ward
I dedicate this song to you, ?We are Family?
Shirley was always her own person. She was one of a kind. I wish I had been able to spend more time with her as we gotten older. I wish I could hear her voice once again. I wish I could tell her how much I love her and miss her. That had I known we would never speak again?I would?ve recorded all of our conversations? ?I WISH?
In loving memories?
Beloved Sister:
Ms. Shirley Ann Ward
November 16, 1957–December 16, 2008