Millions for Mumia

On Saturday April 24, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s birthday, tens of thousands marched in San Francisco, Philadelphia and in many cities around the world to stop Mumia’s execution and demand a new trial. All along the West Coast shipping ports were shut down by dockworkers who refused to work that day in a strong show of support for Mumia. CCWP marched in San Francisco in a contingent which included many high school students and other youth who gave passionate and insightful spoken word performances before the march began. As Mumia said in a letter he wrote for the day “This is far more than one man’s birthday celebration. It is a celebration of life and a clarion call for something that is missing from the courtrooms and cages of America. The call for justice, for people’s justice, where a man or woman is not damned because of their poverty or their politics, where death row is not a black reserve situated out in the boondocks, where judges are not mere politicians in black robes.”