My sister, Tina Balagno

My name is Deborah Teczon. My sister, Tina Marie Balagno, was a prisoner at CCWF. She died 2/10/99 of breast cancer, cancer of the bones and neglect. She was HIV positive for the last 11 years.
My sister endured a tremendous amount of pain for which I hold CCWF responsible. She was treated as if her life meant nothing. I’m here today to say her life meant everything to me and my family. No one in this world should have to go through the pain that Tina endured.
Tina never wanted to get sick in jail because she knew the system would do nothing for her. Tina’s fears were confirmed. They waited so long the cancer destroyed her.
I can not understand how the medical staff can live with themselves. They took an oath to save lives. This uncivilized way of acting and thinking is completely unacceptable. Prisoners are not just a number, they are living. breathing people.
Together I know we can change the system, so that the life that was taken from Tina would not be in vain.