My survival was being blessed with many friends

by Linda Fields
My name is Linda Field. I spent 19 years behind bars for killing my children?s and my abuser, my husband. The pain of separation from my children cannot be described. It sticks to your bones and eats your guts. My survival came from our Lord.
Prison was a rude awakening. I had never been in any trouble before and didn?t know what to expect. The only things I had to hang onto were my love for God and my children. My first prison was CIW. I was able to take college classes and Bible studies. I met some wonderful people there and was blessed with many friends. I wasn?t allowed to have friends when I was married, so this was a wonderful experience. I joined Nikki Diamond in song and love of the Lord.
After 3 years, I was moved to CCWF. I continued Bible study. We held prayer groups. God gave me a new sister. Together we attended the Jewish Sisterhood. I learned more about Jesus? upbringing while Judith learned more about her beliefs. I was truly blessed with her, Esther, Annie, and several others.
God answers prayers in three ways: yes, no, or wait. You never know if it?s no or wait, but He hears each and every prayer. No matter what you do, He will believe in you and never lose hope.
I was blessed with a date from the Governor, but more so from Free Battered Women who never gave up on me. Life on the outside isn?t all easy. At this time I have been told that I must move, with nowhere to go. I know God is in control and will provide. I must be faithful to believe. People in the town I live are nice, but some are afraid of me because of my past. I won?t judge them as they do me, but will pray that their eyes are opened.
I send my love and prayers for all of you behind bars. Know that those of us released will never forget you. God will not either.
Linda Field
P.O. Box 604
Downieville, CA 95936