New tools of torture

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is ruthless in experimenting with new and improved objects of torture. The following items are some of the recent instruments used to inflict pain on prisoners who don?t conform to the wishes of their captors.
The Spit Net affixes under the arms for additional security while transporting ?threatening subjects?. Ideal for prisoner transport, the Spit Net protects against spitting and biting. (description from a sales advertisement on the Internet).
The ?Devils Chair? This restraining device has led to many serious abuses, including torture and death. Belts and cuffs prevent the prisoner’s legs, arms, and torso from moving.
Orange crush is a type of pepper spray that is much more toxic than other types of pepper sprays. It dyes everything it comes in contact with a bright orange color (skin, clothes, etc.) and stays on the skin for up to four days. Moreover, it is reactivated by water so a prisoner who has been sprayed and then takes a shower will experience the full force of the irritant for days.
Rubber Bullets are rubber or rubber-coated projectiles fired from guns. They are usually non-lethal, unless fired at short range, but are often heavy enough to pierce skin. These ?rubber bullets? were recently used to stop a ?fight? on the yard at VSPW where they were fired directly at one of the women instead of aiming at the ground first and deflecting onto the body which is the allowed method of use.