News Briefs

Want to Write for Prison Legal News?
The editors of Prison Legal News are looking for women who whould be willing to write for their publication. Any woman prisoner wishing to see if she might want to write for them can get a free six month’s subscription by writing to Prison Legal News, 2400 NW 80th Street #148, Seattle, WA 98117.
Voices from Within the Prison Walls
Voices from Within the Prison Walls, a new pamphlet by D.A. Sheldon is now available. Drawing on responses from hundreds of fellow prisoners he presents his own unique perspective on a path to deepen prisoners’ solidarity and solidarity between inside and outside. To order your copy, please send $8 to News & Letters, 59 E. Van Buren St, #707, Chicago, Il. 60605.
The editors of The Fire Inside wish to extend a profound apology to Jeri Becker at CIW in Frontera, CA. In the last issue we published her original artwork, “Liberty,” but credited it to someone else. We sincerely regret our error and any confusion we caused.
Puerto Rican Women Prisoners of War Resist
1998 marks 100 years of Puerto Rican resistance to colonization of their island by the United States. The Fire Inside wishes to recognize the courageous resistance of five Puerto Rican women prisoners of war– Dylcia Pagan, Lucy and Alicia Rodriguez, Alejandrina Torres, and Carmen Valentin– who have been incarcerated for 18 years because they believed in independence and fought against US rule of their homeland.
Corcoran Whistle Blowers
The Fire Inside wants to note the women and men who worked at Corcoran prison and testified at recent legislative hearings. At great risk to themselves they exposed the violence orchestrated and covered up by the prison administration. Their humanity finally broke through their loyalty to a corrupt system. Their act is what needs to happen on a wider scale.