Parole Beat

Precious Releases?
Christy Camp was released from prison after serving
19 years on a 16-years-to-life sentence for killing her abusive husband. This was the 2nd time that the Board of Parole Hearings had found her suitable for parole. Christy was just 14 years old when she met and married her 25-year-old husband, and 21 years old when she stabbed him after nearly seven years of physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse and control. She was one of 34 women who submitted clemency petitions to then-Governor Wilson with the help of Free Battered Women in 1992. Of the original 34 petitioners, she is the 19th to be released through parole, clemency, appeals, or habeas petitions. Three others have died in prison, and 12 remain imprisoned.
Brenda Clubine was released on October 22nd, 2008, after serving 26 years on a 16-to-life sentence. She originally had been convicted of 2nd degree murder for the death of her abusive husband. Due to a successful habeas petition under the law that the CA Habeas Project works to implement (PC Sec. 1473.5), Brenda?s conviction was vacated and she instead pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. She was re-sentencedto 7 years in prison and finally released with credit for time served. Brenda is one of the founders of Convicted Women Against Abuse (CWAA), the longest-running support group for incarcerated battered women in California?s state prisons.
Linda Anderson and Brandy Tripp both had their parole dates upheld by the Governor.
Outrageous Denials?
Governor Schwarzenegger again denied Linda Lee Smith who has been found suitable for parole 9 times! Linda remains hopeful and committed in her fight for freedom.
Thanks in part to Free Battered Women for the information on releases and denials of incarcerated survivors and to the women prisoners for the information we received about their own cases. WE INVITE OUR READERS TO SEND US INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OWN RELEASE DATES OR DENIALS!