Parole Beat

Precious Releases?
Rosie Maria SanchezMolly Kilgore having served 31 years on a seven-to-life sentence was found suitable for parole on December 30. Her case is now before the governor
whose deadline to release a decision is May 29, 2010.
Cynthia Feagin has spent over 17 years at VSPW for a 15-to-life sentence. The mother of the victim publicly supports Cynthia?s release.
Patricia Joellen Johnson now 66, has been imprisoned since 1991 on an 18-to-life sentence. Jurors in a new trial wrote letters to the Board expressing
their firm belief Ms. Johnson was not a danger and should receive a parole date. Register your opinion with the Gov. by June 3rd, 2010.
Frankie Williams?a 72-year old grandmother who was found suitable for parole on February 4, 2010, has a loving extended family who are eager to
welcome her home. Register your opinion with the Gov. by June 3rd, 2010.
Linda Lee Smith?incarcerated over 30 years, has been found suitable 11 times by the BPH! She works as a peer helper, teacher and minister in the
Mental Health Department for troubled women in the prison. Register your opinion with the Gov. by July 1, 2010.
Ivy Martin has made tremendous contributions to community inside and outside of prison as a volunteer for Literacy Volunteers of America, and as a
valued contributor to Free Battered Women. Register you opinion with the Gov. by July 8th, 2010.
Marisol Garcia is a survivor of abuse. She became fluent in English, is a leader in Convicted Women Against Abuse, volunteers for the community
through Mexican American Resource Association and Sharing our Stitches. Register your opinion with the Gov. by July 9th, 2010.
Norma Cumpian worked as a peer counselor in the mental health department and served as Chairperson of Convicted Women Against Abuse from 2000- 2004. She was found suitable for a second time. Register your opinion with the Gov. by July 11, 2010.
Outrageous Denials?
Linda Rodriguez?in Governor Scwharzenegger?s own words, ?At 60 years old now, after being incarcerated for more than 19 years, Rodriguez has
made some creditable gains in prison . . . Moreover, she has received positive evaluations from mental health and correctional professionals over the years?,
(from Gov.?s decision, March 19, 2010) He, nevertheless, reversed the decision of the BPH to release Linda on parole!
Romarilyn Baker?a domestic violence survivor incarcerated 21 years since age 24, was found suitable for parole in November 2009 after the court ordered the BPH to give her another hearing. The Gov. reversed her parole on April 29th. She has obtained a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and has not given up faith. All of CIW is rallying behind her. In a recent letter to CCWP she wrote, ?Keep fighting the good fight of faith, remember we WIN!? The reversal will
be appealed and she will have another board hearing in November, 2010.