Parole Beat

Precious Releases . . . .

Frankie Williams, was released March 4th,
2010, has a loving extended family who are thrilled
to have her home after 31 years of incarceration.
Ivy Martin, on August 9th, 2010 Ivy was released
from prison. She leaves with an Associates
Degree, deep understanding of childhood trauma and
addiction and many other accomplishments. She will
no doubt be of great help to others on the outside as
she has been while incarcerated.

Linda Lee Smith, incarcerated over 30 years,
was released August 10th, 2010 after 20 years of
being found suitable and reversed by multiple governors.
Linda will be a great asset to any community.

Beatrice Smith-Dyer is free! The courts upheld a
writ appealing the reversal of her 2009 parole decision.
The prison was ordered to release her even
though the governor has challenged this decision.
Meanwhile, her 2010 suitability finding is on the
governor?s desk as of this writing. Bea has been
embraced by family and friends and has already been
scheduled to do presentations with CCWP!

Outrageous Denials . . .

Molly Kilgore having served 31 years on a
seven-to-life sentence was found suitable for parole
on December 30. The governor reversed her parole
on May 29, 2010. Molly has not stopped fi ghting.
CCWP and other community members are behind her
in challenging this reversal and advocating for her
again at the next board hearing.

Cynthia Feagin has spent over 17 years at the
Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW) for a 15-
years-to-life sentence. Despite the fact that the
mother of the victim publicly supports Cynthia?s
release, the governor reversed the decision.
Patricia Joellen Johnson now 66, has been
imprisoned since 1991 on an 18-to-life sentence.
Many of the jurors in a new trial she was granted,
wrote letters to the Board expressing their fi rm belief
Ms. Johnson was not a danger and should receive a
parole date. Nevertheless, Governor Schwarzenegger
blocked her release.

Marisol Garcia is a survivor of horrifying abuse,
is the chairperson of Convicted Women Against
Abuse, and does volunteer work for the community
through Mexican American Resource Association
and Sharing our Stitches both of which provide assistance
to disadvantaged families, homeless children,
hospitals and churches. Her parole suitability fi nding
was reversed on July 9th, 2010.

Norma Cumpian who has worked as a peer
counselor in the mental health department and served
as Chairperson of Convicted Women Against Abuse
from 2000-2004, was found suitable for a second
time and reversed a second time on July 11, 2010.
We are hopeful about a positive outcome in the appeal
of her first reversal.

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Email the governor directly:
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