Parole Beat

Precious Releases?
Ollie Johnson wasreleased from prison in November 2005 after serving 18 years for killing her abusive boyfriend. All of Us or None co-founder Dorsey Nunn mobilized widespread community support for Ollie in their shared hometown of East Palo Alto. Dorsey and Ollie’s family were principle forces behind East Palo Alto’s City Council passing a resolution calling for Ollie’s release.
Lorrie Sue McClary was paroled in November 2005 after serving more than 30 years in prison. Lorrie Sue has been reunited with her loving parents, Dot and Walt McClary, her sister Cydne, her Uncle Lew, and her friend Caroline Rose Homan who also was freed in January of 2005. Lorrie Sue’s family have been calling for her freedom for decades and they generated considerable community support for her return home.
Outrageous Denials?
Incarcerated survivor Mary Shields was denied parole for the fourth time at her hearing in May 2005. Having already served 15 years in prison, she was told she needed to program more, attend more self-help groups and continue her education. Mary has been disciplinary-free for 15 years.
Joy Cordes was denied parole at her 15th Parole Board hearing. She was told she needed to participate in more self-help groups, upgrade her vocational training, and not get any more disciplinary write-ups ? her last write-up was over ten years ago.
Flozelle Woodmore?s parole was overturned by Governor Schwarzenegger for the fourth time on August 12, 2005 after she was again granted parole by the Board of Parole Hearings.
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