Parole Beat

Precious Releases?
Medina Ibbotson was released at the end of her sentence from CCWF in October 2005. We have been in touch with Medina and understand that she is doing very well in her new life.
Incarcerated survivor Linda Field was released on Tuesday, January 3rd after serving 19 years. Linda was released with the help of the Habeas Project and pro bono attorney Terry Gross. Linda has been a consistent, eloquent contributor to The Fire Inside since 1996 writing about medical abuse, children, battering and philosophy. We know that Linda will continue contributing to the newsletter in this new stage of her life.
Debbie Flannery was paroled on October 25th after serving 25 years on a 15 to life sentence! Congratulations and thanks to her friend who sent us the information for Parole Beat.
Shirley Ree Smith?s verdict was overturned by a federal appeals panel, which concluded there has been ?a miscarriage of justice? during her trial.
Outrageous Denials?
YaVonne Anderson (also known as Hakim) was denied parole. Although Yavonne has registered for and is beginning college courses, continues to participate as a leader in peer health education and the commissioners applauded her for these activities, they still said she had not served enough time. YaVonne?s poetry and prose have been featured in The Fire Inside, on Alternet and also on the CD “The We That Sets Us Free: Building a World Without Prisons,” produced by Justice Now.
Thanks in part to Free Battered Women for the information on releases and denials of incarcerated survivors and to the women prisoners for the information we received about their own cases. WE INVITE OUR READERS TO SEND US INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR OWN RELEASE DATES OR DENIALS!