Parole Beat

Precious Releases?
Habeas Project client, Cheryl Orange, was acquitted of all charges relating to the death of her abusive husband in 1985. Last year, a Stanislaus County judge granted her habeas petition and ordered a new trial. The D.A.’s office refused to negotiate a plea, so Cheryl was subjected to a lengthy re-trial. Cheryl was in prison for over 20 years on a 17-to-life sentence for 2nd degree murder. But now she is free!
Theresa Cruz, incarcerated survivor, won her parole on April 18, 2006, when the Board of Parole Hearings reaffirmed their earlier decision to release her?in spite of the Governor?s recommendation against release! Theresa served 15 years. Her parole comes after many years of struggle, with hundreds of you writing letters, making phone calls, coming to hearings on her behalf, and adding your prayers and heartfelt wishes for her freedom. (See Theresa?s letter)
Thanks in part to Free Battered Women for the information on releases and denials of incarcerated survivors and to the women prisoners for the information we received about their own cases.
Outrageous Denials?
Elnora Francis had her parole date reversed by the Governor on April 14, 2006. Ms. Francis has been in prison since 1985 after being convicted of 2nd degree murder for the death of her abusive husband. Now 65 years old, Ms. Francis has been granted parole twice by the parole board only to have it reversed each time by the Governor.
Sandra Redmond?s parole date was overturned on May 1, 2006. Sandra has been in prison since 1983 for killing her abusive boyfriend. She was 22 years old at the time of the incident, and her boyfriend was more than 30 years older than she was.
Minda Wilcox had her date overturned for the fourth time on May 23, 2006. Minda has served 19 years in prison on a 15-to-life sentence for a crime that occurred when she was 18 years old.
Flozelle Woodmore‘s release was reversed by Governor Schwarzenegger for the fifth time on July 27, 2006! Flozelle was 18 years old when she killed her abusive boyfriend, whom she had been dating since she was 13.