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Outrageous Denials?
In a decision released on October 22, Governor Schwarzenegger reversed the Board of Prison Terms’ decision to grant parole to incarcerated survivor and mother of two, Flozelle Woodmore. This is the third time Flozelle’s parole has been reversed. Governor Schwarzenegger’s written decision virtually copied those of former Governor Gray Davis, who reversed Flozelle’s parole in 2002 and again in 2003.
Flozelle Woodmore is a 36-year-old battered woman who shot her abusive boyfriend in self-defense in 1986. She met him when she was 13 years old and pled guilty to shooting him when she was 18. Although she has no prior criminal history, Flozelle received a life sentence, and has been in prison ever since. Her release is supported by her batterer’s family. Flozelle has not had a single serious disciplinary write-up since 1992.
The Governor’s decision will be challenged in court, but we need the public to voice outrage:
Office of the Governor
Legal Affairs Secretary
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: 916-445-0873
Fax: 916-445-4633
On October 21st, Theresa Cruz was denied parole for the seventh time! Commissioner Angele who presided over the hearing had little to say to explain his denial. He pointed to her psychiatric evaluation as the reason for denial, but the conclusion of the psychiatric evaluation clearly indicated that she is ready for release.
Commissioner Angele also cited her original commitment offense as a reason for denial. However, the victim made a full recovery from all of his injuries. She has now served over thirteen years for this offense and was eligible for parole seven years ago. The victim now supports her release. Under parole guidelines, the original offense cannot be used to deny her freedom.
To protest Theresa Cruz?s denial write:
Re: Theresa Cruz, #W-40058
Margarita Perez, Chair,Board of Prison Terms
1515 K St., Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95814
FAX# – 916-445-5242
And Precious Releases?
On November 11, 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger approved parole for Nikki Lee Diamond, a survivor of domestic violence who has been in prison for 28 years. Many thanks to all who contacted the Governor in support of her release!
Genevieve (“Toby”) Yniguez was finally paroled on October 18, 2004 after being granted parole four times by the Board of Prison Terms. Former Governor Davis had repeatedly reversed the Board’s previous decisions to release this 69-year-old great-grandmother. Governor Schwarzenegger declined to review the Board’s latest decision.
We also celebrate the release of the women listed below in 2003-2004. Please write to us if you know of other women lifers released so we can keep everyone informed through the Parole Beat!
Henrietta Briones Jeannette Crawford
Nora Andrade Jeri Becker
Rosario Munoz Mary Ramp
Maria Suarez Liza Brown
Melody Marks Melody Whitney
Vidalia Spragin