Parole Theresa Cruz on September 20!

Theresa Cruz, a battered woman whose story has been covered for the past few years in The Fire Inside, is coming up for parole for the third time on September 20, 2000. Theresa was eligible for parole in 1996 and has received outstanding positive evaluations from prison staff, including psychiatrists and employment counselors, yet she has already been turned down twice. This is a critical time to increase the pressure on the Board to release Theresa immediately at her next hearing, especially given the recent court rulings against the Parole Board’s no-parole policy.
Attend a public meeting of the Parole Board in Sacramento, Tuesday, September 12, 12 noon, 1515 K St. Participate in a Vigil in front of San Diego’s Old Courthouse, 220 W. Broadway, Wednesday September 20, 9 am -noon.
Fax letters supporting Theresa’s release to the Board of Prison Terms, 916-445-5242 and Gray Davis at 916-445-4633. For more info in San Diego contact 619-233-9784 or in the Bay Area 415-255-7036 ext. 4.