Prison Tears Families Apart

I have been beaten, raped, molested, abandoned, rejected. I was left with a broken spirit. Being a mother was the best thing I ever did. My eyes lit up only when interacting with my children.
Now I am a state away. We have le
ft one abusive situation for another. But the love for my children survives. My children are left motherless, with an abusive father. I have been shut out of their lives. Court orders have been violated and my voice goes unnoticed.
My fight will never end until I have contact with and see my children again. Do they remember they have a mother who loves them with all her heart, who never forgot them?
By separating mothers from their children a whole new generation of people are wounded and lost and tend to end up money-hungry in an abusive system. Children wanting their mothers pay severely for their loss.
Our society should be ashamed. Long termers need our visits, if only for our families’ well being. The hurt doesn’t need to continue.