Punishment or Reform: Looking from the Inside Out

by Julan, VSPW
As the patriarchal society renders women worthless, the Department of Corrections empire and politicians render women prisoners worthless. Women in prison are battered into dehumanization with inhumane treatment, medical neglect, death, fear, repercussions if they speak out, if they want rehabilitation, or even cry.
The United States condemns China, Peru and others for inhumane treatment of their prisoners. Yet crimes against humanity in the U.S. carried out on their own people are unrelenting and unabated. This kind of political mindlessness, selfishness, deception and ignorance is perpetual and deleterious to all. It is creating a slowly growing human catastrophe, which will become increasingly more difficult to mend. As a slowly growing cancer is difcult to cure and is normally fatal.
Most people believe that a life-threating disease will never happen to them. However, you may be predisposed to some diseaes. And if you are predisposed to disease and are in the judicial system, your suffering is paramount. The doctor may want to cure your disease – “First do no harm” is the doctors’ oath. The politicians, the judicial system and Department of Corrections continue and increase harm: “Prison is for punment, not entertainment” – Pete Wilson.
The only entertainment occurring here is that of the staff. Engaging in entertainment, they satisfy their egos and insecurities at the expense of our self-esteem, mental health, reform, humanity, dignity, hope, etc. They are not interested in a cure for us. Instead they break demarcations of cruelty and ignorance. They instigate rage, bitterness and resentment. This is what we have to deal with. This is the product of your tax dollars ? paying for their profits and guaranteed recidivism. This is the ideology you are voting for.
Intelligence and awareness work for reform, and these women do desire reform.
You wonder why people pick up the Bible when they become incarcerated. What a more obvious indication that these people are reaching out for help and guidance from a source they know is good. They are exposing their sensitivities, kindness, capacities and loving human nature. In so many cases, their religion is the only pervasive goodness within their environment and upbringing. They know that this is an aspect of life which is positive. They are asking for a cure, not dehumanization and recidivism.
Please vote for politicians with mindfulness and an intelligent approach to the problem of crime and change in the “correctional” system. If the system is reformed and intelligent, in turn, so will the criminals be reformed.