Pursuit for my Pardon

by Rose Parker aka Dr. Rose Parker-Sterling
In 1996, I officially submitted a request for a ?Pardon? from then Gov. Pete Wilson. I sent a certified letter every two weeks and was also appealing my ?initial? parole hearing (a three-year denial). I won my initial parole hearing (2 ½ years later). I continued writing Gov. Gray Davis, his wife, Sharon, and everybody I could think of, even President Bill Clinton.
I always believed I would be pardoned. They approved my parole March 2000. I was happy, but it wasn?t a pardon. I paroled 12.7.00 but appealed the five-year parole and continued petitioning the Governor for a pardon. With the help of supporters, we were able to submit thousands of signatures to the Governor?s office in 2002. In 2004, I received a letter from Gov. Schwarzenegger?s office requesting a ?new application?.
As I continued to share of my dreams of a pardon, in 2010 I asked God why I didn?t get it, He said He didn?t change, I did. So I pressed on and drove to San
Francisco on the Sept. 9th and Sacramento on the10th. We rallied and prayed on the West Steps of the Capitol. I handed in another Formal Application (suggested in 2004).
I received a call on Sunday, January 2, 2011 from a reporter requesting an interview and found out that Gov. Schwarzenegger pardoned me on December 31st, his last day in office. PRAISE THE LORD. I?ve given a detailed account on purpose. Do not give up your fight. Your first fight is to be a better YOU, and continue to fight for what you believe, using God?s guidance.
It?s been nearly 25 years I fought to clear my name, so be encouraged. A special shout out to Dana Robinson, I love you and have not forgotten you. Special love to volunteers Pastor Richard Rugnao and Elder Edmond Mouton, who both passed to heaven in January 2011.
You can write to Rose at:
P.O. Box 756, Rialto, CA 92377