Resistant Spirit – a tribute to political prisoner Marilyn Buck

On Sunday afternoon January 24 a crowd of over 150 people gathered for a moving tribute to political prisoner Marilyn Buck. Marilyn who is currently at the federal prison in Dublin, California is serving an 80 year sentence for conspiracy and for aiding in the escape of another political prisoner, Assata Shakur. (Assata is still free, living in exile in Cuba). The idea of the tribute developed when friends of Marilyn’s began to raise funds for her educational and legal expenses through the raffle of a ceramic sculpture called “Jericho 98” which Marilyn had created. The raffle expanded into an afternoon to recognize her many contributions as a social justice activist dating back to the sixties. Heartfelt statements from other political prisoners and from Assata Shakur were read. There was poetry by Mitsuye Yamada, Straight Out Scribes, Poetry for the People and Nellie Wong and music by the Troublemakers Union. The event was an opportunity for many people to come together, celebrate and support not just Marilyn Buck, but the resistant spirit of those who struggle, on both sides of the walls, to challenge injustice in this country.