See What I See ?

by L. R., CCWF
Society is led to believe that they have captured
many ?evil drug lords?
In the war on drugs
They say the streets are safe but ?
See what I see ?
I?m surrounded by women
Far from the drug lords
Escobar, Atala, Cuervas, Ochoa
Manuel Noriega and more
See what I see ?
As I look around me
Surrounded by heartache and pain
The oppressed and abused
The prisons are full
See what I see ?
Down troddened, addicted, and poor
?evil drug dealers? victims of the war
a sacrifice, a façade for all to believe
See what I see ?
The abused, persecuted and afflicted, victims of the war on drugs
Stripped of dignity
Stripped of a belief of justice
Their lives ? the final sacrifice
Doomed behind the razor wires of isolation, loneliness, and despair
See what I see ?
Women hoping for justice
Just someone to care ?
Someone to see
See what I see ?
And tell me that ?
The thousands of poor who cannot afford an attorney
The abused who are convicted as king pins
The poor charged with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
Phantom drugs
? are not the victims of the ?War on Drugs?