So Address Me As Such

?When you stand with the blessings of your mother and God, it matters not who stands against you!?
?Yoruba Proverb
I can see right past your intricate masks,
Give a sophisticated answer to any question you ask,
Raise 1 or 10 children through struggle and strife,
Run a major corporation and be a supportive wife,
Converse with the big wigs or holla atcha in the hood,
Say ?absolutely wonderful? or ?haay, it’s all good!?
Put you in your place without saying much
I?m an intellectual Black Sista so addreess me as such
Possessing the strength of the strongest foundation,
My voice speaks in volumes heard throughout the nation.
My hands grasp doubt and turn it to hope
And these hands have got society’s ?limitation rope.?
Because there is no limit on the strength I possess,
The determination I have, my courage or my prowess.
The force of my power can be felt with one touch
I?m a strong Black Sista so addreess me as such
My heart contains love in its purest form,
Unconditional, absolute and everyday reborn.
My love can surpass the most cruelest of tests,
It supplies assurance where there is unrest.
My love bonds and hopes and holds and holds,
It begins from birth to infinity-years-old.
You can even feel it without physical touch
I?m a loving Black Sista so addreess me as such
The passion that is swelling, brewing inside,
Rises to my surface, it never hides,
Whether it?s displayed when I take a stand
Or when it?s seductively unveiled for my man,
Its intensity is unrestrained and uninhibited
And just like my strength, it is unlimited.
It can be overwhelming for some?it?s a bit much
I?m a passionate Sista so addreess me as such
Intellectual, strong, loving and passionate,
Sophisticated, powerful, affectionate, immaculate,
I?m not your hoochie, your bitch or your hoe,
I?m the center of life, more than you?ll ever know.
I?m your sister, your auntie, your niece, your mother,
And I stand beside you, not behind you my brother.
I come in different shapes, shades and sizes
And no one can deny me when this sista rises.
My style is captivating, thank you very much
I?m a beautiful Black Sista so addreess me as such