by J. O., CCWF, 7/2/04
In the solitude of my living space
I contemplate the fate of my existence
Expelled from society, the so-called human race
There is turmoil, chaos and resistance.
Though all seems well on the outer shell
My fallen spirits dwell in the pits of hell
The other me lives toilfully day to day,
Leaving my life in disarray.
An everyday battle continues within
Struggling, the fight, to keep me from sin.
A new way of living, new people I encounter
Decisions to make, so much to ponder,
My life behind the barbed wire fence.
Repression, repulsion, take no offense
The charlatan medical staff
Who call inmates riff-raff
Life behind the barbed wire
My life, as I see it, in a mire
In the solitude of my living quarters
I find serenity in that concrete space?where
My free world memories can’t be erased
Try as they might to change my inner thoughts…
Well, I think not!
Rules and regulations, sure, why not?
But there is one important thing you forgot
Regardless of how hard you try
For me to follow rules and comply
Treat me with respect as I do you
Because right now, as it stands
Every step I take forward
You push me back two!
Does that make things right for you?
Imprisoned to pay for a crime
Try as I do, you treat me like slime.
Some say I am spoiled?extras I don’t need
Why give a privilege to a bad seed?
As the ailing became sicker and some losing their life
What is the purpose of everyone’s strife?
In the solitude of my living space
I mentally block out this detestable place. Although
You see me smile and laugh as I walk out the door
Inside I cry out, please, no more.