Standing up at Sacramento County Jail

by Tatiana Turner
For all of you who have never had the pleasure of running through Sacramento County Jail, then truly this will discourage you from ever wanting to commit a crime in Sac County. The only way to to stop these injustices is by uniting as a group and making and taking the time to fight these unjust standards we are subjected to by people who choose to use the power over us in the wrong ways – what?s legally known as abuse under the color of law.
There was a time in our lives when things were way worse. There was no choice but to unite and speak out during the civil rights movement or during the abolition of slavery. But coming from and living in one of the freest countries there is, it seems we have gotten a bit too comfortable when it comes to standing up for our rights.
Although there are no rats and snakes and we were not hung and beat, Sac County officers are very proud of their reputation amongst colleagues as having criminals do the hardest time and being the strictest facility within the 700-mile radius of the facility. They also have the highest rates of suicides, the highest rates of abuse law suits and have had to pay one of the highest amounts in a breech of rights lawsuit. Yet living in the biggest state in the U.S., and the capital at that, they continually abuse people mentally and physically as well as constitutionally and seem to not get any repercussions heavy enough to make them stop.
Instead they take it out on the more ignorant of the inmates with the attitude that the person is too stupid to fight back or complain to the right people. The officers fear our knowledge and live off of our ignorance and lack of power. But, I?ve come to realize that the real problem isn?t the officers, it?s us, the inmates. We can do something about it. We do have rights. We can make change. But like Newton says, things will stay the same unless you move them. It takes a force to get the ball rolling.
Since we don?t get sprayed down with water hoses anymore or can eat wherever we like, and drink from whatever water fountains we want; since we were born with rights that other people fought and died for, we feel that nothing is worth standing for anymore. Well folks, I?m here to say that nothing will happen in these places unless we stand and fight as a unit. Get educated and learn your rights and learn how the world works, or else you will always get shuffled around in this world?like a loose newspaper in a Chicago wind, left by someone who didn?t care if it would ever become trash.