CCWP is continuing the campaign to stop the ICE hold and potential deportation of member Gabriella Solano-Gabby. Gabby served 20 years on an LWOP sentence, was commuted and approved for parole. Gabby is also a survivor of domestic violence.

Gabby Solano faces a transfer to ICE as early as next week. Gabby Solano was attempting to leave an 8 years abusive relationship, but instead was incarcerated for over 20 years for her abuser’s deadly actions. Gabby must be protected & shouldn’t face double punishment on the day of her release!

Survived and Punished has created brand new political education graphics for instagram on what the Biden administration means for criminalized survivors like Gabby. Please share widely!

  • Download and share Gabby’s political education instagram slides here.  Please note the order of slides from 1-7. You can use this sample instagram caption below:
    • Biden’s policies ignore the experience of incarcerated survivors. Survivors like Gabby Solano are criminalized for their survival and defending themselves, who then face additional consequences upon release, such as transfer to ICE detention and potential deportation. Upwards of 90% of people in women’s prisons are survivors of domestic and sexual violence. See slides to learn more about what the Biden administration means for criminalized survivors & take action to #FreeGabby:

– Sign & share petition to #FreeGabby: 

– Advocate with decision makers, President Biden and Governor Newsom: 

#ProtectImmigrantSurvivors #StopICEtransfers #100DaysforFreedom