Stop LA Jail Expansion: Pack the Board of Supervisors Jan 24th!

On January 24th, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors will discuss whether or not to approve Sheriff Baca’s latest plan to rob LA: a new jail that will cost $2.66 billion dollars ($1.4 billion to build and $1.26 billion in interest to bankers).
Let’s send the Supervisors a simple and clear message: Vote No on Jail Expansion in LA.
LA county needs more education, health care, jobs, and housing, not cages!
What can you do to stop the expansion?
Come to the Supervisor meeting: Join residents from across LA on the 24th to send a strong message that we don’t want more jail cells. We will be sending out more information as we get it.
Call your Supervisor: and urge them to VOTE NO on the jail expansion. Click here to find your Supervisor
Forward the petition: urging LA Supervisors to vote NO on the jail expansion. Send the link to as many people as you can.
Get involved! A coalition of residents and community-based groups meets every Sunday at 5 pm at Chuco’s Justice Center. Come join the fight. Email LA Critical Resistance organizer Mary Sutton for more information.
LA doesn’t want, doesn’t need and can’t afford more jail cells!
What do LA residents have to say about Baca’s plan? Watch Carmen Vega from the Los Angeles Poverty Department speak out against LA’s jail expansion plans more jails in LA.
With the resources Sheriff Baca already has, he has created an international disgrace in LA County jails, where the torture of inadequate medical and mental healthcare and pervasive brutal beatings are routine.
It’s time to stop using LA jails as mental health hospitals and homeless shelters. The only sustainable solution to overcrowding is to send less people to jail.
LA does not have $2.66 billion dollars to waste on harmful jails. 14.5% of LA residents are unemployed; 40% live without health insurance; and at least 51,000 people are homeless.
For more information: visit, follow CURB on twitter! @CURB_Prisons and join the CURB Action Email list!