Stress on families

Debi Z. CCWF
My whole family turned against me since I got arrested. My own mother, my sisters, aunts, uncles, everyone. Their initial reaction was that the dysfunction of my past was going to come out of the closet and they could no longer live in denial.
My mother was angry that the facts of my childhood abuse and my molestation was becoming public knowledge. She has been trying to suppress it for years. Recently, when she became aware that by pursuing my legal recourse I might get in the papers again she was furious and told me, “why can’t you leave this alone and just do your time?” I told her it had nothing to do with her. It is my life and my mistake, but it is nice to know where I stood with her.
Since my arrest in 2000 I have spoken with my teenage daughter one time for five minutes. That was 3 years ago. She refuses to take my calls.
I am envious of other people with a good family support system. I think it will help them to successfully parole and re-integrate into society.
For myself, I am eternally grateful for the support I found with women’s rights organizations and Tanya Brannan of Santa Rosa’s Purple Berets specifically. She is now my family.