The Battle Must Go On!

by Charisse Shumate, CCWF
As the lead plaintiff of the Shumate v. Wilson, I fight hard trying to receive the proper medical care for myself as well as each and every woman here at CCWF, as it seems medical care is on the very back burner of CDC (California Department of Corrections) list. We now have what is known as the Chronic Care Program here at CCWF. They are trying to show that they are doing something. We the inmate population ask, “Trying to do WHAT? Put us on another waiting list?” If and when you see a doctor he tells you he can only talk to you about whichever of the three chronic care clinics he has been appointed to work that day, so it’s still hurry up and wait. While the cancer grows on and we get sicker and sicker. There is still no hematologist for those of us who may suffer with sickle cell, lupus and other blood diseases. The faces keep changing in the medical department. It seems no one is here to stay.
Now ask me why is the battle so important to me and I ask you is life not important to each and every one of us? What I see within the CDC medical care is a living nightmare that must be changed. For all of those who have helped to try to get this changed, please DON’T give up. For all of you who want to help, please join in. We need you. And for all of those who feel we have nothing coming, I stay in prayer for you to have a change of heart.