The Power of Thought

by J., VSPW
Our thoughts can determine our well-being. Thoughts are the driver of the automobile (your body), fueled by your emotions and where you drive to is your own choice. We all have the ability to choose our states of mind, emotions, behavior and belief systems – an ability to change your biochemistry which can cause the different emotional states. The key is developing, practicing and believing in your body’s abilities – all its faculties in use and those that lay dormant.
First introspect, observing and inquiring about your emotional and behavioral inner-landscape. Then determine which emotions and behaviors are wanted and those that are unwanted and the kinds of thought associated with them.
Keep in mind: pleasant thoughts can work like anti-depressants leading to pleasant emotions and behaviors; unpleasant thoughts will work like depressants leading to unpleasant emotions and behaviors.
Remaining aware of our thoughts will help catch and stop us from engaging in negative thinking, emotions and behaviors. What many of us overlook is that we can be in control of how we experience our emotional lives. Come to know and believe that it is you who profoundly directs your body’s functions, directly and indirectly, by the simple practice of thought.