The Spirituality of Transsexual Womanhood

by Eva Williamsii, Corcoran Prison
Transsexual womanhood has its origins in the spirit. Womanhood takes hold in the heart and mind. What puts it there is the spirit of womanhood. The spirit is the primary ingredient, all-decisive.
For the transsexual woman, once the spirit of womanhood is imbued into her she sees with woman eyes only. She is not a male; she is a female. She is no longer a man; she is a woman. She is a woman in her heart and she loves her womanhood. She loves herself. She is a woman in her mind and thinks like a woman. She feels like a woman ? feminine. She is woman only. She has the spirit of woman in her; it is her spirit. Nothing else matters; no one?s thoughts or judgments or opinion ? not friends, not family, not anyone. The world will hate her: it will desert her like leaves on a tree.
There are no free rides in this. She will see who is her real friend, her real family, her real loved ones. And when they reject her for being a woman she will cry. She will cry because she thought they loved her. She will suffer, in so many ways. It is the toll she must endure in being blessed with womanhood: there must be pain in birth.
Nevertheless, the transsexual woman moves along the straight way of womanhood and does not falter regardless of what is going on around her, and that is the power of her womanhood: the world crumbles before her! It is power radiating out of her when everyone trips. It is evidence of the power of womanhood and of her individual possession of that power. It validates her womanhood.
Once she is touched or blessed with the spirit of womanhood inside of her then it will show itself outside of her. She will not even make a conscious effort. Lining up her outside with her inside ?just happens,? naturally, the result of the higher Spirit of Woman asserting itself. She opens up like a flower. The woman in her overcomes the man in her. This is the process, until the only trace is between her legs, and some do away with that to. But even with it, it takes on a female quality.
I am a transsexual lesbian, amorously and sexually oriented towards other transsexual women and towards genetic women. Transsexual lesbianism is a phenomenon within a phenomenon. Lesbianism is divine. The love of women for women takes one into the spiritual vortex of cosmic intra-polarity, and is bliss.
Excerpted from TransLesbos.