The union we yearn for

by Deirdre Wilson
a private prison
the nature of
every human soul.
A struggle to be
without limitation
of the senses,
without sense
Of separation
To know…
Ocean’s tide courses through my pulsing veins
Moon glows in my bone’s marrow
Sun shines from my heart
Earth roots my entire being
To feel…
Ethereal hues of the rainbow
The dance of shining stars
Bright yellow daffodils
Majesty of pines stretching for the sky.
To walk…
With the ancient ones
My grandmothers on either side
Brother Malcolm
-my anchor, my guide
-my proof of unalloyed good.
Crazy Horse, you are my dreams.
St. Claire and Teresa
Young souls, brave and true
Hearts like raging coals
for union
We yearn for
All is one
And yet
Bars are everywhere
Swirling psyches
Wrapped in flesh
A solitary walk
Under the firmament
Of heaven
Piercing the veil
In glimpses