Theresa Cruz’s Bail Revoked

by Diana Block
After 18 precious days of freedom with her family, Theresa Cruz was forced back to prison by the state of California. A federal judge had granted Theresa bail while the state of California appealed the ruling that overturned her conviction. Her mother had just managed to raise the property to bring her home. But the San Diego district attorney’s office appealed the bail ruling to the Ninth District Court and won. Theresa spent her brief time outside the prison walls helping her older daughters to find part-time jobs, volunteering in a recovery program, and reconnecting with her son and her youngest daughter whom she has never had a chance to live with. Now she is back in the California Institution for Women, struggling not to lose hope. On the day before she was to return to prison Theresa wrote: “It’s so hard to believe that one moment I can touch, feel and love my children, and the next minute it is all taken away so fast for no reason.”
We, her supporters, are also in a state of shock, wondering why the San Diego District Attorney and the state of California are pursuing this woman in a way that amounts to psychological abuse. Is it because she is a battered woman who dared to stand up and say that she was unjustly convicted? Is it an issue of political ego and male pride on the part of the District Attorney’s office?
Theresa, her mother, and her children are trying hard to hold on to the strength that has enabled them to fight for Theresa’s release all these years. More than ever, they need our support! Write to Theresa Cruz at #W-40058, CIW, Frontera, CA 91720. Send domations to: Defense Fund for Theresa Cruz, Accnt. #6832 217806 (write accnt.# on check), Wells Fargo Bank, Bonita Office, 4180 Bonita Rd., CA 91902. Send protest letters to: Office of the District Attorney, Attn: Paul J. Phingst, Hall of Justice, 330 West Broadway, Suite 1300, San Diego, CA 92101, Fax# 619-237-1351.