Through My Eyes

by Celeste “Jazz” Carrington, CCWF, death row
This poem is to all the mothers who have suffered at the hands of another. It was inspired from my own experienes with my mother being battered. I guess I speak for all the children who understand and love their mothers.
Today is a good day, there are no bruises…
Tomorrow who will know…
I’ve nursed your wounds, wiped your tears and held you as you trembled in fear.
Hoping the worst was over.
I’ve never looked down on you, you were and always will be strong in my eyes.
They say they love you, but they don’t know how…
You give all you have , but it’s not enough…
They lash out in rage, you become the receptacle of their anger
They tell you it’s for your own good.
You can’t leave because of the fear and love that paralyzes you.
They try to strip you of all they fear ? pride, self-respect and self-worth.
You look deep within and find that you are the strong one.
They are nothing more than insecure bullies. If being behind bars has freed you from them, then so be it.
You have always been the strong one
Now you rest as they too rest in peace