To our Sisters Behind the Walls

I am Sherron Longfeather, a former prisoner and one of the founding mothers of R.O.S.I. I am also a prison reform activist of 18 years.
I am writing to let you know it is time for R.O.S.I. “Remember Our Sisters Inside” Rebirth. In 1989 I wrote you, the women behind the walls, saying I was going into the hospital for surgery and would be right back to you. It has been 8 years since that time, and I want you to know I am sorry if I caused you any hurt or grief.
In that time, the road of life took me to death’s door and down drug road. Now I am back strong in Body, Mind and Spirit, with three years and ten months clean and sober. I would like to start out fresh with you and continue to carry your message to the outside world. So, what do you say??? Want to give it another try with R.O.S.I? I have never forgotten you, my sisters inside. R.O.S.I’s printed material, which another strong woman and friend kept for 8 years, has been returned to me. I’ve been waiting for the day to come when we could reach you again!!
We could do art shows, slide shows, educate the public, get women to write to you and a lot more.
If this sounds like something you could hang with, write Sherron Longfeather, 2619 School Street, Oakland, Ca. 94602.
Thank you again,
Sherron Longfeather & Jake Davenport
P.S. If given a chance, I will be your arms and legs and will carry your messages in my heart and on my lips. LET’S DO IT!!!