To sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers

by Coffee Williams, WCCW
My name is Coffee Williams, I reside in Washington Correction Center for Women. Today I received a letter from my daughter, a letter I’d been dreaming of receiving for a while, even if it meant pain. I would know where she was and that she was alive.
My daughter is on her way to prison, Chowchilla I believe. The law says no communication between prisons, but I state I’m her mother. Proof needs to be shown. I have no money for a birth certificate. They took my job because of my health, the whole $.42 an hour. But it worked. Nothing here is free. D. is 30 years of age. I haven’t seen her birth certificate since preschool. I truly wish for my daughter to know I love her now and forever. I cannot make up for the days lost, I can only hope that she realizes that I am her mother and it’s never too late for a mother and daughter to come together, as women, and share our grief. We’ve felt the loneliness we’ve had to bear, the thoughts of being alone and the hope that always seems near.
I love you D. See you soon, “one love.”