To Those I left Behind

by Theresa Cruz
To all my loved ones behind bars,
As I walked out the gates, I felt 2,000 tons of pressure released. The drive home, the beautiful mountains, green grass, and trees ? a new beginning, new life and a deep breath of fresh air.
There isn?t a day that I don?t think of all of you, even while being with my little girl whom I left behind at 4 months old. Today I don?t stop hearing her say, ?I love you mom. Give me a kiss.? She can?t seem to be away from me. I finally found the bond with her that I had with my other three children.
Watching the independence of my children overwhelms me with great joy. My grandchildren come over and no one wants to go home. The love and safety they have in my home is incredible.
I think of all of you so much. To Cindy Wilson, I love your life. To Sookey, there isn?t a day that goes by that I don?t hear your words, your voice and our laughter. To Lucy, the spirit is still so strong. To Linda Phillipa, my heart, love and spirit will always be with you. To Freddie, I always think of you. To Sandra Redmond, I talk about you all the time. To Glenda and all of my peers, I love you all.
Every time I speak, it?s never about me but about the many that I left behind that continue to be political prisoners. Stay strong because we all have a turn and we?ll continue to fight and support each other in Justice!