Too late for Sista K!

(died March 18th, 2008)
by Beverly Henry, CCWF
We spoke very seldom
we even worked at the same prison factory
without warning you left work one day and never returned.
I spotted you in the prison medication line and noticed how you secretly slid your antiviral pack into your pocket and slowly walked away.
I wanted to talk to you then but I simply passed you with a smile.
Then I hear from your friends and cell mates that Sista K is really sick and our medical providers are refusing to evaluate you.
The more I hear about your symptoms the more I find you on my mind; a part of me knows why your health is failing in spite of you telling me ?it?s leukemia.?
When I could no longer wait for medical to call for you, I pushed your wheelchair as we talked that warm afternoon and I left you in their care.
Finally, someone would help you.
My only regret, Sista K, is that I was too late!
Rest in Peace.
March 20th, 2008