Torture in Mexican Prison

Mexican Women Beaten, Abused and Imprisoned!
In May, 2006 CCWP Patricia Chase, former CCWP volunteer coordinator and founder of the Compañeras project, called CCWP from Mexico to tell us about a terrible assault. The people of Atenco, Mexico were organizing against a government takeover of their land to build an airport. A demonstration was met with great brutality by the police, and the women who participated were targeted for abuse. Patricia asked CCWP to write an urgent letter of protest to the government of Mexico and a letter of solidarity to the women prisoners, which we did. Muchas gracias to compañera Patricia for sharing this story with us. Below is an excerpt of a public letter which the women issued from prison on May 12th.
Santiaguito, Almoloya, Mexico
To the population in general:
We women, workers of the country and city, housewives, students, etc.; political prisoners since the 3rd and 4th of May?are enraged by the formal indictment handed down on May 10th. Not only were we insulted, humiliated, beaten, tortured, sexually abused, and raped, but now we are also prisoners?. Nothing can heal us of the sexual abuse and rape we suffered. We were touched, pinched, kicked, hit with fists, batons and shield on our breasts, buttocks, and genitals?In addition to being subjected to this abuse, we continue to be victims of medical negligence?.Some of us should have been bandaged and cured since the day we arrived, some of us have vaginal infections, others infections in our wounds, others of us can?t even sit down because of the blows we received, and despite all this we continue a hunger strike because we will not take one step back in this struggle?.
We demand our liberation! We demand justice for the physical and sexual abuse and rape! May no one be indifferent to the pain that we have lived!
Free political prisoners!
The women political prisoners