Townhall Meeting! Saturday May 16, 2009-San Francisco California?s Lifer Parole System

Are you or your loved one a California state prisoner sentenced to Life with the possibility of parole?
Are your or your loved one being denied parole after decades of incarceration, despite preparing for a successful release?
Has the governor denied parole to you or your loved one despite being found eligible by the Board of Prison Terms?
Do you or your loved ones have felony records that put you at risk of a 3-Strikes sentence (25-Life)?
Do you want to challenge California?s broken criminal legal system (parole, sentencing laws, courts)?
We are loved ones of prisoners, former prisoners, attorneys, advocates, & community members gathering to:
Ø Lay out the current state of parole in California
Ø Understand Proposition 9 (Marsy?s Law)?how it affects Term-to-Life prisoners and parole
Ø Develop strategies to assist in Lifer releases?preparation for the board, legal remedies, and community organizing
Ø Support our loved ones when they are released
Ø Build our power to challenge the parole & criminal legal systems
Where: Goodwill Industries
1500 Mission Street,
San Franciso, CA 94103
When: Saturday, May 16
1 to 5 pm
For more information contact:
Manuel La Fontaine
1540 Market St, Suite 490
San Francisco, CA 94102
ATTN: Parole Townhall
(415) 255-7036 x328
(unfortunately, no collect calls)