Transitional Tips:Hope Haven Transitional Shelter for Women

Doris Mitchell
The Hope Haven Transitional Shelter Women’s
Program provides shelter, room and board,
counseling, and referral services to homeless
women. The shelter offers stability in housing
while allowing the residents to offer emotional
support to each other. It is respectful of
residents’ autonomy and provides as close to a
real-life scenario as possible. Other services
include direct resource referral for housing,
physical and mental health care, education,
training, employment services, and case
management. This program accepts homeless women
18 years and older who are not currently abusing
drugs or alcohol and desire an opportunity to
transition back into the community as productive,
responsible, and independent women. They provide
all meals. The cost is $400 per month, and the
director is willing to work with women with
financial hardships due to being recently
released from jail or prison. The home is
located at 900 Alabama Street, Vallejo, CA. Send
all inquires about joining this program to:
Sharon T. Spencer, President/Executive Director
Hope Haven Transitional Shelter, Inc.
164 Robles Drive #A7 PMB 178
Vallejo, CA 94591
707-554-9781 or 707-712-2563
Rosewood House Transitional Housing
Rosewood House opened in October 2003 to help
women transition from treatment to making it on
the outside. They target women from jails and
prisons in order to help them build the life
skills needed to be self-sufficient on the
outside. The program offers sustained living for
women while they receive job training, begin new
careers, work on family reunification and
reestablish financial viability. Rosewood House
will provide a limited aftercare program as well
as classes, group sessions, recreation programs,
access to AA, NA and other 12 step programs, and
spiritual growth opportunities. The cost of rent
at this home is a very low 20% for your income as
a monthly fee, once the resident finds
employment. No food is provided, so residents
must access local food banks to accommodate their
daily meals. The home can accommodate 6 women
and has a waiting list, so that it is necessary
to contact Susie Foreman well in advance of your
release so that you may be placed on the waiting
list. Send all inquiries to:
Susie Foreman, Program Manager
Youth and Family Services
508 Alabama Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
* * *
Gettin’ out soon?
Need resource information?
Write to CCWP’s Freedom Bound program with your
release date, county and city in which you will
be residing. We will send you resources to help
your transition.
Freedom Bound – Outreach Coordinator
1540 Market Street, #490
San Francisco, CA 94102