Voices from Inside Speaking out on Immigration

Voices from Inside Speaking out on Immigration

Once a person has entered America and worked
here, they should be able to become citizens.
America was built by immigrant labor. Some
came in chains as slaves, some to escape poverty.
All contributed their blood, sweat and tears
to build this country. Whether they came on a
slave ship, through Ellis Island in NY, through
Angel Island in SF, or over the border from
Mexico, all came with dreams of freedom.
They worked long tiresome hours that benefi
ted the economy and their families. Perhaps
once upon a time ?give me your tired, your
poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free?
meant something. We still have a task of bulding
togetherness and creating a unifi ed people
that will take care of generations to come. We
can?t discard the moral value of this group of
people. ?Chi Chi Locci

We are all immigrants. We all come from
elsewhere. The Arizona law serves as a platform
for racism. ?S. N.

The Arizona law is not right. Anyone who is not white
is now under suspicion of being illegal. I may parole to
Arizona. When I do I will have no I.D., I will have just
left prison. If I get stopped without an I.D., that is a violation
of parole, and a violation of this law. The law plays
into racial stereotypes: anyone who looks Hispanic is
assumed to be illegal. This law violates human rights, it
belittles people. ?C. A.

The Arizona immigration law is unjust and immoral. Deportations break up families. When undocumented
parents are deported, how are the children to survive? Do they go into the foster system and suffer?
In the foster system siblings get separated, further fracturing the family. Such children grow up feeling
unwanted and angry at society, more likely to end up in Juvenile Hall then ?graduate? to prison. They are
at risk of becoming institutionalized. This increases crime rather than security. Why are people forced to
fl ee their own country and forced to make a living somewhere else, where they are subjected to exploitation,
mistreatment, low pay with no health insurance, no retirement benefi ts? The solution is for all people
to thrive where they are. ?V. Juarez

Some police will take advantage of this law and people will get hurt. There is a lot of prejudice
in this society. The system is crooked and I don?t see a way to fi x it. It needs to be all torn
down and we need to start from scratch. ?T. P.

My friend is looking at 5 years in federal prison just for crossing the border. She already spent a year in San
Diego jail. And she didn?t committ any crime! It used to be at most 90 days for crossing; she doesn?t understand
why it is so harsh now. When she was deported over a year ago, she was escorted to Tiujana with no
money, no list of resources to help her, nothing. She has no family there. There are no shelters there, no help
for the homeless, no services. There was no way for her to either make a living there or move anywhere else.
It made her desperate. Since there are many other desperate people there, it is not safe. So she walked back
across the border and got picked up again. This is cruel: sending people out with no way to live!
?V. Cardinal