We Are All Legals in the Lord?s Eyes

We Are All Legals in the Lord?s Eyes
By Anna Bell Chapa (CCWF)

The U.S. has been
considered a melting pot
of cultures throughout
our country?s history.
People from everywhere
in the world come to
America with hopes of
a better life, a life with
expanded opportunity, of
more possibilities than
their own countries could
allow. With Mexico right next to the U.S., many
men, women and even children who are desperate
enough, risk their savings, criminal charges and
even their lives for hope of a better life. These men
and women are people our society already relies
on. They work as a large force of immigrant workers
in our farming communities. They work in our
restaurants on many levels where employee turn
over is high. We employ these people in trusted
positions, inviting them into our homes as nannies,
housekeepers, babysitters and in gardening, home
improvement, construction, maintenance ? the positions
currently held by ?illegals? are endless.

What about our Governor? Did they forget
when he came to our country he was an immigrant
with only $20.00?! Let?s look at all the sweatshops
where they make the clothing we wear. When we go
to buy food, clothes, and appliances we don?t ever
ask if it was made by an illegal. We are just going
for what makes us comfortable, not thinking where
or who made it.

President Obama is always saying that family is
his priority. Why can?t he do something fast so that
immigrant families don?t get separated? It is 2010.
Let?s stop the harassment. Let?s all get along, let?s
not look for a document, let?s look at our hearts.