Who Said?

by Rosie Alfaro, Death Row, CCWF
They say we must die before we multiply,
I say we must keep on living and not digging
the hole for our awaiting killing.
They say that I’m wicked so I must die.
I say I ain’t got no ticket to be wicked
so I just titter cause I ain’t bitter,
my ticket tells me to keep on ticking till time
takes its tough turn and toll towards tomorrow.
They say I must die cause I’m full of hatred.
I say I’m hanging high, a little hard,
but harmless to even having a harmful
heart that’s full of hatred…
They say I must die cause I’m corrupt…
I say I’m not corrupt, crazy, craven a coward
or even cruel… I’m a coy, canny crony,
capable of caring and I won’t kick you to the
curb cause I care…
They say I must die cause I’m malignant.
I say “my oh my,” I’m not mad, I merely manage
and maintain my mind from all this madness
and mud cause I’m not ma
nant, so I make my
move and move on…
I may be down but I’m not knocked out.
I’ll talk my talk and walk my walk.
They say what they want to say.
They do what they want to do.
And me, I keep my head up high,
I won’t shed a tear cause I don’t fear…