Whose Common Sense? Whose Fault?

by Joy Cordes, CCWF
Nine deaths in 2 months at CCWF! Better yet, 13 CMO’s (Chief Medical Officers) within a year. UC-Davis is here conducting an investigation of what they call “the medical department.”

Joy Cordes, with Kyle, Diana, and Augusta at a recent visit
Joy Cordes, center, with Kyle, Diana and Augusta at a recent visit

The first “new policy” handed down on behalf of CDC is a new property and package list. No printed fabrics, all solid colors of gray, white and navy only. Is this telling me that prints and colors of pink, red, black and burgundy could cause sudden death?
Come on, the deaths were not caused by the clothes the women wore or by “bad drugs.” The medical neglect is being white-washed as an oversight on their part. We’re completely aware that there is a thin line between color codes and malpractice! Why is our property and package list even being considered a solution to the sudden deaths here at CCWF?
Look at the ages of every physician here. Each one is over the age of 65. It is a known fact that age deters the mind as it does the reflexes. Isn’t it just possible that the neglect starts there? The MTA’s (Medically Trained Assistants) can dispense narcotic meds and give injections of insulin or even types of chemotherapy injections such as Interferon. But MTA’s cannot write a lay-in (an excuse to not work for that day)! I have been told by 5 of the six MTA’s on B-yard clinic that they are not authorized to write a lay-in.
UC Davis investigation recommended that no food be sent in our packages, because, they said, we were cooking it in our rooms under unsanitary conditions. If UC Davis toured central kitchen and inspected how the food is being stored, they surely would have seen the rat pellets in and on the food there. OK, I get it. Rodent droppings are sanitary and won’t cause illness! My room is cleaned every day and sanitized better than any food service areas here.
It’s not our fault that these women are dying, so stop blaming us – focus on the prevention and care of our medical needs. Investigate every complaint about requests for medical attention. Get real. The reason for the deaths is MEDICAL NEGLECT!!!