Why am I still in prison?

by Myrtle E. Green, California Institution for Women
Myrtle Green is featured on the cover of Legal Services for Prisoner’s report, Dignity Denied calling for the release of elderly prisoners. Myrtle’s situation exposes the cruelty of a system which incarcerates elders despite their eligibility for release, their deteriorating health situation and the illegal overcrowding in the California prisons. Myrtle was found suitable for parole in 2005 but GIVEN A RELEASE DATE IN 2010!! In January ?07 she had a stroke which left her blind in one eye. She sent us this statement.
“I was found suitable for parole on 12/28,/05 with a parole date of June 2010. I am now 75 years old after serving seventeen years for conspiracy. There was no murder nor any attempt made on any one’s life.
At the Board Hearing in 2005 both commissioners and the Deputy District Attorney agreed that I would not be a threat to public safety and that seventeen years was enough. My attorney filed for immediate release on 11/27/06 because of my medical disabilities and the fact that there was no matrix regarding time served for conspiracy. He asked the Board to use a matrix for “other life crimes” with a term of 15 to 17 years. The responding Board Attorney denied this request on 2/22/07. If the Board Attorney had read my Board and Decision Transcripts she would have found none of her statements were true in the denial of my request for immediate release!
I fear that I will die before 2010 and never live to see my daughter and grandchildren. They live in Jackson, MS where I plan to parole. Really, I need to leave here walking – not feet first!”
Please write the Board of Parole Hearings to support Myrtle’s immediate release. Write Myrtle to let her know she has your support.
Board of Parole Hearings
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Myrtle Green
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