Without hope I can’t cope

by Chi Chi Locci , CCWF
I can’t cope without hope!!!!
I am an African American woman, age 52, with a 15-year-to-life sentence.
As I continue to prioritize my value system, following the guidelines set, I find around me the world, this world, my world, continues to change not always for the best.
With natural disasters facing us on the inside, I wake up to a new reality.
The suicide rate is increasing.
I wake up in a maze through which most of us are searching for the answer to the whys????
Some of us are giving up, dying at the age of 18. I can remember society congratulating the masses for graduating, first job, and first college class.
Now it’s the new lifer. Abnormal, in a world that no longer cares to get to the core.
To why a corner of California houses women whose crimes stem from using dope, to selling dope, to women who kill their mates, mothers and grandmothers who kill their children and grandchildren. Or are accused of such! Gang affiliations or associations.
We try to continue to believe in a justice system that offers self help so we can find the root of the oppression, depression or aggression. Vehicles to create a balance, so that our inside can meet our outside, physically, spiritually, and most of all emotionally.
Then there are those of us who give up because there is no hope so they can?t cope.
When did we as a society start throwing our children away? When did we start caging our children and mothers without a care? When do we allow human beings to become commodities? When did we allow action and reaction to come before the “solution”, AVP, conflict resolution, parenting, calm class, and breaking barriers?
These things should be mandatory for young ladies entering the “cage” knowing nothing but dysfunction.
How do we teach them foundation?????