Woman prisoner writes

Dear CCWP,
I look forward to every issue of The Fire Inside. So far in my personal journey in prison I am still getting used to the idea of being here.
Domestic violence is lethal. My only son died because the two men in his life, his father and my brother, hated me. There is no excuse for violence, not even hatred. There is no excuse for violence, not even jealousy. We women need to be persistent in our education and assurances to all (men and women) that it is OK for women to make our own decisions.
I am very worried about those of us who are long-termers. For the past year we have had an inactive longtermers organization, and I believe it has now been disbanded. We long-termers create the community here and I feel we need to make positive opportunities for ourselves. I want to join a longtermers organization.
Thank you so much for The Fire Inside and for caring about us.