Women in Black: Vigil for Women’s Health Care

On Friday April 16 CCWP held its first vigil in support of medical care for women prisoners. The vigil was held in downtown San Francisco. Friends and advocates of women prisoners wore black and held up photographs of women prisoners such as Tina Balagno who died of cancer a week after being released from the CCWF in Chowchilla, Sherrie Chapman whose breast cancer went untreated for nine years, and many women who are living with HIV. Drummers accompanied a dance performance and a number of people passing by joined the vigil.
Women in Black is an international movement which has roots in Argentina, Israel, and Bosnia where women stand in witness for those who have been dispeared, tortured and abused by repressive governments. CCWP wants to connect the situation of women prisoners in the United States to those around the world who were subjucted to human rights abuses. The vigils will be held once a month and will focus on specific issues each time. The May vigil focused on lack of care for women prisoners living with HIV.