Women Prisoners Oppose the Governor?s Master Plan

Over 1,000 women at CCWF and VSPW signed a petition opposing the Governor?s plan for prison expansion which includes a proposal to transfer 4,500 ?low-risk? women into new so-called ?community? facilities scattered across the state. With support from Justice Now, the women have sent their petition to legislators in Sacramento and have made public their feelings about the expansion proposals. Below are some of the statements women inside have made:
This plan is a poor excuse to build more prisons to lock up poor people and people of color. History shows that if we build more prisons, we will fill them up.
–YaVonne Anderson, CCWF, in a letter printed by the SF Chronicle.
If California really wants to reduce the prisoner population, they should eliminate nonsense parole violations that cycle people back into prison and initiate change that happens before a number is attached to an individual?s name.
–Beverly Henry, CCWF
However attractive its language, this bill only serves to expand an already failing prison system and validates the misconception that the women left behind belong in such a harsh, punitive environment? Deemed ?unsuitable for release? these women will be treated, in effect, as disposable human beings.
–Marie Bandrup, CCWF
[This plan] would just give them a reason to send more women to prison. As it is, women get [parole violations] for the littlest, most ridiculous things now. If there?s more room?the parole officers might do it even more often.
–Emily Esrick, VSPW
CCWP stands with the petitioners in saying No to the master prison expansion plan!