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As valentines day approaches, celebrate the care incarcerated people give each other inside by calling & emailing and amplifying their demands.
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Over the past six weeks, COVID has cycled rapidly through Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF). More than 750 people have tested positive during that time. Now reported cases have decreased significantly; we attribute the decline in numbers to the care people gave each other inside.

Despite these changes, we continued to hear from incarcerated people that conditions have not significantly improved and are continuing to threaten the mental and physical wellbeing of people inside. CDCr’s negligence in responding to COVID in California’s women’s prisons is negatively impacting the mental health of people inside as they struggle to survive the virus itself amidst the chaos produced by ineffective and arbitrary protocols. Furthermore, COVID-positive people who are demanding survivable conditions are facing retaliation, additional isolation and punishment. 



  • CCWF Warden Pallares: (559) 665-5531, ext. 6001;
  • Federal Healthcare Receiver Clark Kelso: (916) 739-7000
  • CDCR Secretary Kathleen Allison: (916) 324-7308, press 8 & leave message

My name is _____ and, alongside incarcerated people at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), I have serious concerns regarding the mismanagement of COVID-19 at CCWF and the long-term consequences of CDCr’s negligence in creating dangerous conditions for people in overcrowded, dormitory-based cells. I strongly urge you to take the following crucial steps:

  • Expedite release for medically vulnerable, and elderly people regardless of conviction.
  • Provide urgently needed healthcare, including mental health care.
  • Stop retaliation through 115 citations and other means against incarcerated people who are demanding life-saving changes.
  • Ensure access to telephones, tablets, and electricity so that those placed in quarantine can maintain contact with their loved ones.
  • Implement a clear plan that minimizes movement, keeps people in possession of their property, and allows people to recover in a more calm environment.
  • Enforce mask use by CDCr staff and mandatory sick leave for staff who show any symptoms of illness and/or who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Provide access to showers, laundry, clean N95 masks, gloves, and disinfectant.

Thousands of our community members’ lives are on the line. We urge you to use your power to intervene and save lives. Will you take action?

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